No matter what comes to mind when deciding what material to use for your next home improvement project, using concrete should not be overlooked. For thousands of years, concrete has played an integral part in constructing the world as we know it. Its evidence is seen in every aspect of our lives from the buildings we work in to the roads we drive on. It has stood the test of time, and it only makes sense that this amazing material has made its way into the home today by architects, builders, artists, and homeowners alike. Today’s concrete uses new technology that makes it more beautiful, stronger, and more creative than ever before.

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An outdoor fireplace with chairs on a concrete patio custom designed by Aesthetic Concrete Designs.

In outdoor applications, using concrete over other conventional construction materials has many benefits and is proving to be a major player over other decorative material. In the long run, concrete will generally be cheaper to maintain. This is due to the fact that de-weeding, mold growth, re-leveling (if paver stones are used), or wood rot if a deck is being considered, will not be a problem. Another benefit of concrete is its capability to match a house color, a landscaping theme, or even one’s natural surroundings without importing expensive material.

Today’s concrete is not only being used in outdoor applications but is making its way into the home as well. Concrete is known for the basics, like patios, driveways, large buildings, parking lots, etc… So why would one use concrete for inside their home over other conventional materials like granite, quartz, or wood? Concrete is now being thought of by many as another medium for art, and in the end, creates a one of a kind look in anything you decide to use it for. Not only does concrete provide a unique look, it allows one the flexibility to mold it, color it, polish it, and cut it however one wants. Discover what makes your project yours; discover concrete.

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